By Jeremy Wilkerson

FlustSports uses a lot of its time tracking down and following the latest on recruiting, but today we wanted to take the time out for the fans. We get that coaching and recruits play a big part in a programs success, but let’s be honest the fans are just as big in the success of a program as well. Fans have to live constantly with the ups and the downs, the constant trolling of rivals when things are bad, and the lifetime memories of the should of could of would of’s. But being a fan goes deeper than just showing up to games cheering, cutting on your televisions and cheering, and even wearing your teams apparel faithfully. It’s about the bonds you build over time with people with the same love and passion for your team that you either meet or have met at games, bars, or even via social media.

The Miami Hurricanes are blessed to have a ride or die traveling fan base or shall I say family. This big family is known to most as CanesUnited. I was formally introduced/invited to this group by a fellow Miami Hurricanes fan Bryan Callahan, in which we met and crossed paths first through various Miami Hurricanes Facebook groups. He reached out to me one day and asked me to check them out. And so I did just that.

So now that the new season is upon us and the Manny Diaz Era has began, i figured I would catch up with Bryan and just get more information and details of what CanesUnited is all about, so that more of our fans/family can know how great this group is.

So I opened up by asking Bryan, how did CanesUnited begin?

He replied “CanesUnited was started roughly 10 years ago. There was already a tailgating group that we really enjoyed but it was dying off and coming to an end so we wanted one that was different. We wanted it to be easy, we wanted to gather as many Canes fans as possible, we wanted it to be non profit, and we wanted it to be drama free. I messaged a few of my close friends within the group and told them I was going to create a page on Facebook and we could communicate our plans easier that way. They all loved the idea and the name so 2,000+ members later here we are. It all began with about 20 of us. “

So I then asked, what is it about the tailgates that you love the most?

He then said, “What I enjoy most is most definitely the friendships I have developed over the years. Family is the truth when it comes to this group. We know everywhere we go we all have one another’s backs and it’s going to be an awesome time.”

And while we was on the topic of the tailgates I asked which tailgate is his most memorable?

“My most memorable tailgate has to be Virginia Tech 2005. This tailgate is the one that truly inspired me to create CanesUnited. Both teams were ranked in the top 5 coming on espn prime time with the gameday crew covering the game. We had a film crew documenting our tailgate the entire day. My legs hurt for 3 days from jumping and my voice was completely wasted. To top things off the Canes won in dominating fashion 27-7. “

Since Bryan has been a great part of this family I wanted to know about some of the feedback that he has received over the years?

“I guess I would say receiving a shout out from Blake James saying that he had heard about a group called CanesUnited and they sure traveled and supported and most of all made a lot of noise in the stands cheering on the team. So far we have never received any negative feedback. The way we do things just makes it easy on everyone and everyone who comes always has an option to do things the way they want to do them. If they want to be fed, we provide that. If they wanna cook for themselves then they are more than welcome to do so. We don’t dictate what their good time is. We simply tell everyone where we are meeting and they can decide if it’s for them or not.”

So now looking into the future of CanesUnited, I then asked Bryan about what he is looking forward to this upcoming season?

“I’m definitely looking most forward to Orlando. We always plan a tailgate but for this one we have gone all out like never before. We have everything a huge tailgate party should be and it’s been a while since I’ve been with my Canes family so the first road game of the season is more like a family reunion.”

After being around Bryan over the course of last year, one thing I can say is that he wants the CanesUnited tailgating experiences to be the best of the best. So during this conversation I just had to ask him does he think anyone can do it better than CanesUnited?

His reply back was, “I don’t think anyone will ever do it better than CanesUnited. Maybe a 1 hit tailgate here and there but not week in and week out. We do something for EVERY road game. I even plan road games I can’t even attend. We will always be there for the fans that are traveling to support the Canes! No matter if it’s in Tallahassee or the hills of Boone, NC to take on App. St, we will have a tailgate that is non profit and drama free. See you at the road games!”

And as the wild, fun, and humble dude I know Bryan to be, he wanted send out several thank you’d and shout outs along the way.

“I always want to give shoutouts to my crew that helps make everything possible. I live in Va. so it’s extremely difficult planning sometimes. Sherri Wright handles a lot of group ticket purchases whenever possible to have everyone not only tailgate together but also sit in the game together. Jake Johnson is our hotel guy. He always post hotel suggestions for every road game so everyone can stay at the same places. Will Toler is the heart of CanesUnited. There isn’t anyone more passionate about the group or Canes football than this guy. He is also the banner man. He brings our Banner so everyone knows exactly who we are. Lito Contreras teams up with us for the games in the state of NC to really put on an amazing tailgate with the famous ice luge. He also provides an open bar options for these games and we are excited to have him in Orlando as well. And last but not least is Chef Andrew Hughes. It’s always nice having a professional chef traveling with us to every road game and always catering and providing everyone with a food option at reasonable prices. He is for sure the hardest worker in our group and he makes it all possible!”

Getting a chance to share this is special to me because I got a chance to spend my first season traveling with this fun group this past season. From Dallas, Ohio, Atlanta, and Virginia. We all shared the ups and the downs together, ate together, drank together, and most of all just had a hell of a time together! Take it from me, if you want to do something different this season just come enjoy the family……CANESUNITED

Make sure you don’t miss out on one of the most anticipated tailgates this season in Orlando!!!! Details below:

Miami set to wrap up Spring ball this weekend

By: David Franklin

As anxious as we all were to see the start of spring practice and get a glimpse of things to come, it seems like in a blink of an eye it’s coming to an end, for now. With the Spring Game set to take place Saturday at Camping World Stadium in Orlando Manny Diaz and the boys will wrap up on the spring football season and begin to step back and evaluate what they seen and also start to heal up from several injuries. With another day today of helmets and shorts and no pads there’s not a whole lot to get into there but a few things to maybe look forward to on Saturday and a few things we’ve learned up to this point.

It seems the QB race is always on the top of the discussion list and although a starter wont be named until later I personally don’t think it could’ve gone any better. No injuries and the transfers and newcomers have achieved one of the main reasons they were brought in which was to create competition and raise the standard. I think we have a pretty good idea that Perry and Williams are headed in the right direction but Martell has been inconsistent at best showing flashes of athleticism but struggling in the pocket.

The run game has been solid and a bright spot so far. With Lorenzo Lingard continuing to recover from an injury from last season DeeJay Dallas and Cam’Ron Harris have more than impressed so expect more of the same on Saturday. FB Realus George has also made major improvements and is looking to see more action.

The WR group has been and interesting group to watch. While some have struggled, others have stepped up and a few have suffered injuries. Most of the struggles have included dropped passes and mental mistakes. Freshman Jeremiah Payton and transfer KJ Osborn have been positive surprises as Osborn has shown leadership on and off the field. Jeff Thomas and Mike Harley look to be poised for breakout seasons while Mark Pope, and Dee Wiggins look to be solid contributors. Brian Hightower along with Thomas recently had minor knee surgeries and will need time to heal from those.

The OL is still the OL. While there has been some improvement there is a lot left to do here. I will say that the toughness seems to have improved as this group seems to be playing with a little more pride and and a chip on their shoulder as they’ve been seen firing back at the DL in a few after play incidents and that is a very good sign. Expected starter at Center Corey Gaynor has been sidelined with a leg injury and I wouldn’t expect to see him Saturday. The rest of this group continues to move around as OL Coach Butch Barry continues to look for the right fit and that will continue in the Spring Game. Coach Barry has said that he’ll look at who shows up and performs after spring practice to off season workouts before deciding who will be on the field.

On defense there will be lots of talented but inexperienced players but so far they have looked good as a whole. Up front Nesta Silvera, Jon Ford, Jordan Miller, Greg Rousseau, and Jahfari Harvey seem to be settling in nicely while Jon Garvin is poised for a big time season. I expect this group to show up Saturday and go all out. The starting LBs are very good but the back ups have struggled and injuries to Zach McCloud and Waynmon Steed have hindered their performance. DE Patrick Joyner has started working at OLB and will probably see action there. The secondary looks good in practice and hopefully that’ll carry over to game day. CB Trajan Bandy is the leader here while DJ Ivey, Al Blades, and Gurvan Hall look promising and Amari Carter trues to fight off the injury bug.

Not a lot on Special Teams as incoming Punter Louis Hedley hasn’t arrived yet. Kicker Bubba Baxa has hit several field goals in the past two scrimmages and several players have taken turns on PR and KR.

Saturday’s scrimmage takes place at Camping World Stadium in Orlando at noon. I’m expecting a typical Spring Game performance with most of the excitement coming from the fans still longing to see some offensive firepower. I would imagine OC Dan Enos will mix in a few plays that will bring some cheers but by no means will it be a full display. The defense had said it plans on showing up strong so that could be interesting. Either way in a few days it’ll be time to start looking towards fall ball and as quick as the spring game and went we’ll be right back in Orlando on 8/24 to face UF. Enjoy the display Saturday and Go Canes!!

Quentin Williams visits Miami

By: Eric Moore

A 2-day visit for Williams and his father in Miami, and it is safe to say that the Hurricanes made a great impression. “It went really well. I enjoyed every minute” he responded. Currently he is enjoying his recruiting process, and isn’t focused on breaking down who his leaders are for right now.

Williams enjoyed meeting the staff in person and watching the team practice, and somethings Coach Diaz and staff can do to win over the Charlotte, North Carolina prospect? “Just let me know they are interested, and that I’m a priority.” Seems pretty good for the Hurricanes, but they aren’t the only ones prioritizing the defensive end.

At 6’3 230lbs, Williams has great size for college and still has a year to grow before arriving into a college campus. He currently holds 11 offers, and is also wanting to visit West Virginia, Louisville, and UCF as well. A trip back down to Coral Gables will also happen he stated, and he would like to make an announcement sometime in August.

Khalil Mack and Von Miller are two players that Williams said he watches a lot of. He’s still building a relationship with Coach Stroud and Coach Patke, but had this to say about coach stroud “He seems real down to earth and real.” and Coach Patke “I like him.” So what’s the new Miami like “It’s crazy! Coach Diaz is letting the players be themselves and everybody is excited.”

If it’s a true athlete you’re looking for Quincy Milhomme might be your guy

By: David Franklin

Quincy Milhomme lines up at WR and DB on the football field but his athletic background says he can handle any position he’s asked to play. Milhomme, who also also runs track, plays basketball, and until recently played baseball has the athletic ability that a lot of programs are looking for. With the game constantly changing and lots of college coaches looking for the type of player that can be used in different ways it’s easy to see why programs are starting to show an interest as Navy, Yale, and Fort Valley State have been in contact.

As I mentioned earlier Quincy participates in several other sports besides football but it’s his 4.5 40 speed that really stands out. That paired with his fearless, and physical style of play will definitely start to grab more attention as he takes more visits and attends camps both with his team and individually.

Needless to say it’s going to be a big offseason for Milhomme as he works to get his name on the radar of more college programs. Included in that preparation will be working to improve his mental focus on and off the field as well as his speed and overall skill set. Once that’s done it’ll be time to show on the field what he can offer and hopefully open up more doors to the next level.

Miami offers top OLB

By: David Franklin

It’s been noted over the last couple of weeks that the depth at LB for Miami may not be exactly where Manny Diaz and his staff would like for it to be. On Tuesday they continued to show not only their commitment to fixing that issue but also their plan to bring in a top class in 2021 by offering the top OLB in the class in Raesjon Davis of Santa Ana, CA. I spoke to Davis last night who has offers from Oklahoma, LSU, Michigan, USC, Auburn and a list of others and he says he has no leaders at this time and is just enjoying the whole process.

Although listed at 6’2″ and 210 pounds he informed me that he has added some weight and is currently at 220lbs. He hasn’t visited yet but is now planning a trip to campus after picking up the offer from David Cooney, The Director of Recruiting for the Canes. With plans to improve his speed he says there is still plenty of work to do. This is something to keep an eye on as that 2021 class continues to build momentum.

2021 OLB Chamon Metayer is getting close to a personal goal

By: David Franklin

I talked to Chamon Metayer two weeks ago. Something I often ask is what kind of speed a recruit has, “what’s your 40 time?” Chamon responded pretty quick that he was currently at a 4.7 but he’d be at a 4.5 before he graduated. For a 6’5″ 215 pound OLB that’s a pretty hefty goal so I sort of challenged him on it. So you can imagine my surprise when I just received a message from him that he just clocked a 4.63………with the flu. He’s determined to show me up and I love it. This entire 2021 class has this kind of grit and determination and it’s something that around Miami we refer to simply as Swagger.

Shedeur Sanders visit to Florida State.

By: Eric Moore

Sanders is a 2021 Quarterback out of Trinity Christian High School in Cedar Hill, Texas and a legacy to Florida State University. He is a year removed from his senior season, but that hasn’t stopped top school around the country extending an offer to the rising junior.

Florida State hosted a number of visitor for their spring game, and Sanders was in attendance with his dad for the game. “FSU visit was a very good trip, it is better every time I come” He responded about his trip. Florida State sits in his leader group, but he hasn’t narrowed in list down just yet.

So what are the Seminoles message to him? “They were telling me keep up the good work and stay focused , don’t look at these ranking the don’t mean anything just keep working hard” Sanders stated.

Currently 17 schools have offered him, but we fully excpect that list to grow. The talented 6’1 180lbs quarterback has a lot of tools that college coaches will be excited to have, and they’ll still come knocking this season. A commitment isn’t on the horizon, as of now.

Miami offers 2021 CB Ga’Quincy McKinstry

By David Franklin

The 2021 recruiting class for Miami is looking fierce and an Monday they continued to try and add to that momentum by offering CB Ga’Quincy McKinstry from Pinson, Alabama. McKinstry told me today that the offer came from Coach Rumph and that he is very excited. He hasn’t been on campus yet but is planning a visit in the near future. That will help him determine if Miami will be a good fit for him and have that “home away from home” feel. Ga’Quincy is considered a 4* prospect and is listed at 6’1″ and 175 pounds.

Injuries are taking a toll on Miami including a star WR

By David Franklin

Coming into the final week of Spring practice and a few days off of Saturday’s scrimmage the injuries are continuing to pile up for the Miami Hurricanes. On top of Brevin Jordan, Corey Gaynor, Amari Cooper, Waynmon Steed, Zach McCloud, and others we learned today that WRs Jeff Thomas and Brian Hightower have both had minor surgical procedures on their knees and no return date has been set. These injuries will surely lead to somewhat of a depleted roster for Canes fans attending Saturday’s upcoming Spring game. Helmets and shorts today in kind of a dialed down practice but a few notes below.

– Coach Enos said that QB Tate Martell has his best practice to date today after struggling in the last scrimmage. He also said that there will not be a starting QB announced until the Fall.

– 5* TE Darnell Washington attended today’s practice.

– OL Kai Leon Herbert says he is healthy for the first time since being at Miami.

-The OL is still looking for the right combination and also healing from injuries but CMD says there will be no starters named here until after the Summer when the staff sees who shows up to work for workouts, etc.

– DE Patrick Joyner is starting to get some looks at LB as DC Blake Baker tries to find some depth there.

The New Miami offense may open up some doors for a returning FB

By: David Franklin

With lots of excitement swirling around OC Dan Enos and his new offense there may be one position that’s getting overlooked. While Miami fans are eager to see all of the new formations which hopefully will take full advantage of the speedy playmakers that Miami possesses there is another position that Enos has been known to utilize as well and that is the FB spot and the Hurricanes just happen to have a pretty good one.

Returning Sophomore Realus George arrived on campus last year as one of the top fullbacks in the country. It didn’t take him long to realize the difference in competition from the high school to college level and he has said before that he had some adjusting to do. So far this Spring George has picked up some praise from the coaching staff for his improvements not only on the field but also in the weight room. One big change is in his physical conditioning as he’s gone from 280 pounds last year down to 250 pounds now. With still several months to continue that improvement we could see George have a breakout type of season coming up.