Florida vs Georgia A change could be coming

One of the biggest games every year in college football is the Florida Gators vs Georgia Bulldogs. For the longest time, it has played in Jacksonville on a neutral site. The deal for the game will stay in Jacksonville until 2021. Head coach Kirby Smart would like to see the game go back to a home game for each team. That means that they play in Gainesville and Athens. At the time the two schools are trying to make the deal a longer term.

It would be cool to see them have a home game. Most Bulldogs fans believe that the Gators have a home game even in Jacksonville. The reason that Smart wants to change the venue is because of recruiting. The problem is both him and Dan Mullins can not invite recruits to the game. This, of course, allows all the other major universities to recruit these kids. In the SEC the Bulldogs and Gators, of course, are chasing the Alabama Crimson Tide.

The kids now can go to the other two major universities in Florida State and Miami. They could also choose to go to other big programs like Clemson Tigers for example. This will hurt the Gators and Bulldogs in the long run. We will see if a change will be made. The biggest issue is it will all come down to where the game makes the most money. This game no matter where it is played is important to college football. Especially to the fans of both of these universities, they wait for the game every year.

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