UCF not Happy with USF Decisions

It seems that UCF athletic director Danny White is upset that USF is playing a 2-1 with the Florida Gators and Miami Hurricanes. He feels that USF can’t be considered a power 5 school because of their decision. He will make sure that his Knights will not bow down to the Gators, Hurricanes or Seminoles. The Knights couldn’t come to an agreement to play the Florida Gators. UCF has played the top teams in the last few years and had success. At this point, UCF will not do what USF just did.

On the other hand, USF AD Michael Kelly is very happy with the decision. The Bulls will now play two of their in-state rivals over the next 10 plus years. So, the question is who is right White or Kelly? In my opinion, I think either way they are both right. Both programs may have to take a different path to become a power 5 school. Whether that means playing the big three in the state or not.

In the end, we will have to see if both get to be like the other three. I hope that they will soon be in a power 5 conference.

What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below

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