USF Bulls New Stadium Still Just A Dream

The question that I get asked a lot as a University of South Florida football fan is when they are going to build an on-campus stadium. The Bulls just signed a new 5-year deal to play at Raymond James Stadium. Raymond James also houses the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. At the present time, USF needs 40-million to build a new stadium. They only have 18 million which is not even half. The Bulls are hoping to have 20 million by the time June 30th rolls around.

So as of right now, the Bulls are hoping to have an on-campus stadium soon. It might take until the end of their extension at Raymond James. The Bulls have one advantage then any other college stadium they can serve alcohol. As most sports fans to dabble with an adult beverage or two. The money will have to come from so where or a new stadium is just a pipe dream. For all the Bulls fans lets hope we see it sooner than later.

Do you think the Bulls will come up with the money for a new stadium? Leave a comment below

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