Quentin Williams visits Miami

By: Eric Moore

A 2-day visit for Williams and his father in Miami, and it is safe to say that the Hurricanes made a great impression. “It went really well. I enjoyed every minute” he responded. Currently he is enjoying his recruiting process, and isn’t focused on breaking down who his leaders are for right now.

Williams enjoyed meeting the staff in person and watching the team practice, and somethings Coach Diaz and staff can do to win over the Charlotte, North Carolina prospect? “Just let me know they are interested, and that I’m a priority.” Seems pretty good for the Hurricanes, but they aren’t the only ones prioritizing the defensive end.

At 6’3 230lbs, Williams has great size for college and still has a year to grow before arriving into a college campus. He currently holds 11 offers, and is also wanting to visit West Virginia, Louisville, and UCF as well. A trip back down to Coral Gables will also happen he stated, and he would like to make an announcement sometime in August.

Khalil Mack and Von Miller are two players that Williams said he watches a lot of. He’s still building a relationship with Coach Stroud and Coach Patke, but had this to say about coach stroud “He seems real down to earth and real.” and Coach Patke “I like him.” So what’s the new Miami like “It’s crazy! Coach Diaz is letting the players be themselves and everybody is excited.”

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