If it’s a true athlete you’re looking for Quincy Milhomme might be your guy

By: David Franklin

Quincy Milhomme lines up at WR and DB on the football field but his athletic background says he can handle any position he’s asked to play. Milhomme, who also also runs track, plays basketball, and until recently played baseball has the athletic ability that a lot of programs are looking for. With the game constantly changing and lots of college coaches looking for the type of player that can be used in different ways it’s easy to see why programs are starting to show an interest as Navy, Yale, and Fort Valley State have been in contact.

As I mentioned earlier Quincy participates in several other sports besides football but it’s his 4.5 40 speed that really stands out. That paired with his fearless, and physical style of play will definitely start to grab more attention as he takes more visits and attends camps both with his team and individually.

Needless to say it’s going to be a big offseason for Milhomme as he works to get his name on the radar of more college programs. Included in that preparation will be working to improve his mental focus on and off the field as well as his speed and overall skill set. Once that’s done it’ll be time to show on the field what he can offer and hopefully open up more doors to the next level.

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