Tyrone Williams has certain skills that can’t be taught

By: David Franklin

Tyrone Williams describes himself as an athlete, a player who can line up anywhere. Once you watch his film you realize he’s probably right. Although I have to admit I like him at WR, or anywhere on the offensive side he can more than hold his own on defense as well. What I do know for sure is that if you have him on your roster you make sure he’s on the field somewhere at all times and if you ask me you get the ball in his hands as often as you can. And with his skill set getting him the ball is sometimes easier than you think.

Williams has an amazing way of going up and simply snatching the ball out of the air. Over and over I’ve seen him with pretty good protection from an opposing DB but he just has a way of coming down with the catch. It’s almost as if the ball is drawn to him in a way. At 6’0″ and 180 pounds he does a good job of using his body to fight off defenders and holding his position. His speed also comes in handy as he utilizes his 4.5 40 speed to get around the edge on reverses as well as navigate down the field on kick returns. With plans to get stronger and maybe add some size in the weight room in the off season he could have even more weapons in his arsenal come next season.

Looking at the next level Tyrone has a pretty good plan of what he wants to do. He’d like to major in sports management and although he’s having some contact with a few schools including FSU and Troy he’s leaving that part open for now. He’d like to take his time and find a school that is most comfortable to him. Putting in work in the classroom is something else he wants to focus on to ensure his plan comes together. From what I’ve seen if he gives the type of effort he gives on the field to the rest of his goals then the ceiling here is very high.

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