USF Spring Game

It was a vast experience today being at the University of South Florida Bulls Spring game. I spent all my time on the sidelines watching the game. The one thing that I wanted to see was how Kerwin Bell new offense look liked. It was cool to be that close to players seeing how the lineup. Of course, we know that all three quarterbacks were wearing red no-hit jerseys. When the defense went for a sack they would tag or just grab the quarterback jersey.

From my observation, it looks like Bell wants to spread the defense out. He had the offense set up with trips and twins for the receivers. It looked like they will use everybody including the running back and tight ends in the passing game. The Bulls will try and establish the run. They used a lot of Johnny Ford and others at tailback. Jordan Cronkrite did not play.

They will be using the middle of the field as many of the passing play were open over the middle. Of course, they will have to change that as the team adjust to that. The quarterback running is also a big part. All three quarterbacks can run Blake Barnett, Jordan McCloud, and Octavious Battle. Barnett will probably be the starter followed by McCloud than Battle. It will be an exciting offensive season for the USF Bulls from what I saw today.

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