Miami set for the first open scrimmage of the Spring

By: David Franklin

On Saturday Miami will have its second scrimmage of the Spring but it will be the first one that is open to the public and media. Set to kickoff at noon the game will be held at Traz Powell stadium and admission is free. ‘This will be the first chance for those outside of the program to get a glimpse of OC Dan Enos and what is hopefully a revamped offense. With still no clear cut leader in the QB race I would look for someone to try and take that extra little step to maybe put a small amount of distance between himself and the others. Although it is still spring and very early in the process it would be nice to at least have an idea of who the leader is by the time the cycle ends next week. The Offensive Line will also be a focal point but don’t expect too much as Center Corey Gaynor has been out all week with an injury so we could see OG Navaughn Donaldson at that position and there are still players being moved around on that line.

And while a lot of eyes will be on the offense and the place will probably erupt the first time a receiver goes in motion or Jeff Thomas catches a pass in stride without having to stop and come back for the ball the defense is looking to be seen as well. DC Blake Baker and a few players said yesterday that they will not let up and that they will continue to do their job which includes providing the best competition possible for the offense. There are also some players on the defensive side that are trying to prove themselves and win starting roles. DL Nesta Silvera, Jon Ford, Jordan Miller, DE Greg Rousseau, DBs Al Blades Jr., and DJ Ivey just to name a few will all be looking to stand out. So overall it will be a typical spring scrimmage but it definitely will have more than your typical excitement from those in attendance as we hopefully see some signs of improvement not necessarily from the talent but more in how that talent is utilized.

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