Class of 2020 DB Damarhi Pettaway has his goals lined up

By: David Franklin

They say things go better when you have a good plan and then you execute that plan. If that’s true then Damarhi Pettaway of Tampa Bay Tech High School is on the right track. Pettaway not only has in mind what he wants to major in but he also has a vision of how he wants to apply that major after college. He told me that he’d like to go into business and open his own restaurant. Being that goal oriented is sometimes rare and it’s nice to come across a young man that has that instilled in him. He also told me that he comes from a military family and that type of structure probably has a lot to do with that.

On the field Pettaway is very technically sound and has a high football IQ. He is the type of player that shows leadership abilities and he is able to adapt to any situation or scheme as needed. Something I picked up on was he has what is referred to as “football speed.” In other words he may not possess a blazing 40 time for now but he gets around the field amazingly well, and even shows the ability to adjust his speed to the situation as I saw him run down players from behind and cover a lot of ground in a hurry. And as far as that 40 time goes, well he has a plan for that too as he works out with a speed coach to try and improve his game even more.

Playing at the next level is definitely something he wants and he’s not worried about where that might be. His families military background has taught him how to adapt to different settings and surroundings so if he has to travel to make that happen then he’s fine with that. With plans to attend several camps over the summer as well as improve on his vision and also his speed and strength he could start to pick up some attention with a big Senior season. If he keeps the determination he seemed to have when I spoke with him I could see all of that working out as planned.

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