Miami has first practice since Saturday’s scrimmage

By: David Franklin

With the first scrimmage of the season out of the way Miami held its first practice of the week today. There were some changes to the depth chart and I’ve noted some below but most of them are not significant and won’t hold up so I won’t waste your time with those.

– Injuries are starting to pile up and while most may not be serious they are enough to hold some guys out for at least a few days if not longer.

– Robert Burns is out for the rest of the Spring and will have a procedure done on his knee. This leaves Miami with two healthy RBs for now.

– OL Corey Gaynor is being held out due to injury along with WRs Mike Harley and Brian Hightower.

– The LBs are without Zach McCloud, Waynmon Steed, and, De’Andre Wilder and are struggling to get the second team up to speed.

– The QB order as of now looks like Perry, Williams, and Martell but no one has made a big move there. I will say that Williams did not look sharp on Saturday.

– OC Dan Enos said that although he is impressed with Jeff Thomas as far as his talent goes he still thinks Thomas has much more to give. He also said the OL is very inconsistent and he seemed very disappointed there.

– OL Coach Butch Barry is intense. He’s shown that all Spring and today was no exception. Hopefully that rolls over to the players.

– Newcomer KJ Osborn continues to impress at WR along with freshman Jeremiah Payton and sophomore Dee Wiggins.

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