Can The Big 3 All Finish With A Top Ten Recruiting Class.

By David Udel.

Florida, Miami, and FSU all currently have top ten classes for the 2020 recruiting cycle. The Canes are currently in 4th, followed closely by the Gators at 5th, and FSU is at 8th.

The last time a State finished with three schools in the top ten was by Florida in 2012. I’ve been looking back and so far have not seen another State duplicate that feat. Realalisticky, only Florida, Texas and California have a chance to pull that off. The State of Florida has a good chance to pull it off again in 2020.

In order to pull off three top ten classes a lot has to happen, or not happen. Let’s look at the Gators first.

1. The Gators probably have the easiest path to do this. They have great momentum with coach Mullin and pretty much just need to not fall apart this season. If the Gators can just show any improvement from the good season they had last year, they should finish with a top ten class.

2. Beat Georgia and make a real run for the SEC East. This is really important for the Gators to beat Georgia because it will basically guarantee a top ten class.

3. If the Gators land just a few more top recruits, its pretty much a lock. Coach Mullin just needs to have a solid season and the Gators will be a Top Ten, if not a top five Class.

4. Not lose the opener to Miami. The last thing the Gators need is to lose to coach Diaz on August 24th. If coach Diaz somehow pulls off winning the Florida Cup by beating both UF and FSU, the Hurricanes will flip a lot of UF and FSU recruits. So Mullin must set dominance over first-year coach Manny Diaz.

Now FSU is a different story. The reason FSU is in the top ten right now is simple, Taggart is a good recruiter, plain and simple. Taggart has the gift of gab and has a way of befriending recruits. But to be honest, Taggart and staff have pulled some dirty moves lately that could of really hurt his recruiting.

The whole James Blackman situation could have really been a lot worse. His staff telling other QB recruits that Blackman was not what Taggart was looking for, leading Blackman to put his name in the transfer portal, was just dirty. Plus we all read about the way he handled a few recruits trying to get them to follow him to FSU from Oregan was less than upstanding, if not outright dirty. But somehow neither of these things have seemed to slow Taggart down on the recruiting trail. But at some point,  Taggart has to show FSU recruits he can win and not just talk a good game. So let’s look at what does or doesn’t need to happen to pull off a top ten class for FSU.

1. FSU has to make a bowl game. Taggart cannot go 5-7 again or it will be more than recruiting he will need to worry about.

2. Finish second in the Atlantic behind Clemson would go a long way to help their cause for a top ten class.

3. If Briles can come in and really make FSU’s offense look good, that will help hold onto their top ten class.

4. FSU cannot lose to Florida and Miami this year. FSU doesn’t have to win the Florida Cup, but they can’t lose to both.

Honestly, just like CMR’s 2019 class, if Taggart starts to lose games he shouldn’t, the class will fall apart.

Miami is in a whole different situation than both UF and FSU due to having a first-year coach. So far Diaz is kicking ass for the 2020 class, but that could change real fast.

All first-year coaches have great expectations, but Manny Diaz might have more than most. It’s no secret that the Hurricanes can put together top ten classes, but coach Diaz has an opportunity to do much more than that.

I’ve said this before and college football knows one thing. When the Hurricanes get the right coach, Miami will be a national powerhouse again. There is no other team in CFB that can compete with Miami if they get on a winning roll with Manny Diaz as coach. Kids will be jumping to play for the Crib and in just a year or two, Miami could be back for real, not just on paper.  Every fan in our State knows that if Diaz wins the Florida Cup or manages a ten win season this year, he will keep a top ten class for 2020 and probably 2021 as well.

So what does Miami have to do to keep a top ten class, let’s see?


2. Continue to look for some out of State talent and not just focus only on local kids. I know we talk a lot about locking down the Tri-Counties, but kids like Brevin Jordan and Dee Jay Dallas have to be continued to be recruited.

3. Winning the Florida Cup will go a long way to keeping this 2020 class together. Being the best team in Florida by winning the Cup will go a long way for any of our three schools.

We can go on and on about what we all need to do to stay in the top ten recruiting class, but winning in 2019 will be the most important factor, as it always is.

So hats off to all three teams for being ranked in the top ten recruiting class for 2020, no other State can say that.

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