The future of the OL at Miami looks strong and ”Big Baby” Seymore is one reason why

By: David Franklin

Miami fans are quick to say “we need to recruit kids that want to be Hurricanes.” Well let me introduce you to 2021 OL commit Laurence “Big Baby” Seymore. It took me longer to ask him the question “With all of your offers why commit to Miami?” than it did for him to reply “Because it’s my dream school and I love everything about Miami.” Knowing that he actually committed to the previous staff I asked him about that as well and if he ever had second thoughts. Again he responded quickly “No because my loyalty goes a long way with Miami.” That along with the fact that he said he hears from either Coach Barry or Coach Field almost every day makes me see that there is a strong connection between Seymore and The U.

At 6’2″ and 300 pounds Seymore is being looked at as an OG and that suits him just fine. With an Offensive Line that has been the topic of discussion he’ll be a welcomed addition to Coach Barry’s rebuilding process.

Although he is 1000% committed to Miami, He did tell me that he plans on taking some other visits and I told him I don’t blame him at all. This recruiting process is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see some of the top college campuses in the nation. Pointing to the energy of the current staff he assured me that at the end of the day he’s a Cane through and through. I’ve mentioned before that the class of 2021 is looking fierce for Miami and knowing that “Big Baby” Seymore is a part of it is a reason why.

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