By Jeremy Wilkerson

The number 2 has influences of duality, service to others, balance, harmony, ability to adapt, being diplomatic, being selfless and cooperative, having faith and trust, Divine life Purpose and soul mission. Number 6 signifies love, nurturing, being responsible, reliable, and honest.  It is about having integrity, teaching, being gracious and having gratitude. But when you put them together you get 26 and when we put them together we get Sean Taylor.

In sports numbers can become iconic along with the players that wear them. Such as Michael Jordan and LeBron James with the number 23, Allen Iverson and D Wade with the number 3, Tom Brady and the number 12, and the list goes on. The Miami Hurricanes are blessed to be attached with a player as great as Sean Taylor and the number 26. Just like Jordan set a standard to wear the number 23, there seems to now be that same standard for kids to come in and wear that forever sacred number 26 for the Hurricanes.

Sean played fast, fearless, tough, and smart. He gave you everything that he had when he was on that field. Sean was known for his hard work and dedication. Showing up early before practices running, staying after practice and getting extra work in, and even staying around late helping his teammates working on things that they were wanting to get better at. What’s so amazing about Sean was that he was already blessed with God given talent. I don’t believe that we had ever seen a safety as big or even bigger than most linebackers that ran like like corner.

It’s sad that we lost such a great talent and great person at a very young age and definitely at a very young age in his career. As a pure football junkie, losing Sean Taylor so young was like losing Bo Jackson all over again. Sean Taylor made the most of every opportunity that he had while on this earth. He played every game like it was his last. And I believe that’s why it’s still so hard today not seeing him suit up and be on the field. He was supposed to play forever. He was going to be that athlete to finally beat Father Time.

Even though he’s physically not here, his presence will never die. Sean is a legend, and we all know legends never die. Legends legacies never fade either. I know most fans would really like to see the number retired and that’s truly understandable. Me personally I love the fact that kids want to wear the number in his honor and hope to continue to carry that legacy on. I find it amazing that the kids nowadays know what type of impact he had and what he means to the Hurricanes family. Gurvan Hall now holds that honor. But holding that honor comes with responsibility and conditions. Here’s a quote from Coach Banda “I will take that number right off of you if you don’t play fast and physical. If you are not going to be that guy, that thing is coming off of you.”

It’s safe to say that even our coaches know the significance of 26. It’s safe to say that 26’s work will never be taken lightly. It’s safe to say it’s going to be earned and not given. So in the end we will all know him as Sean Taylor, ST, but most of all Number 26!

Photo Credits:

CBS Miami Local

State Of The U

247 Sports


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