2021 commit Chamon Metayer has his own plans for The New Miami

By: David Franklin

Class of 2021 OLB Chamon Metayer has been committed to Miami since February and has a vision of what that class will bring to The U. The 6’5″ 215 pound athlete who is being recruited to play on defense mentioned to me that he wouldn’t mind lining up at WR as well. With the size to play either way and a personal goal to improve his speed I could see him at either position.

As far as the vision he has for the future of Miami, Metayer is excited about the way the 2021 class is looking. “The class of 2021 that’s headed to Miami is full of head hunters and savages. Our foot is on the gas and we’re not hitting the brakes. We’re coming for it all.” Those words are enough for me to start getting excited for where the program is headed.

Chamon last visited Miami on March 25th but is already making plans to return this month. With offers from almost every school in the state of Florida I asked him why he committed to the Hurricanes. “First and foremost there ain’t nothing like the crib.” He also talked about Coach Diaz and the type of coach and person he is as another reason he wanted to be a part of The New Miami. “He never stands down. Whether things are going good or bad he’s the type of coach that won’t fold under pressure. Miami has a great coaching staff and they know how to be more than coaches.” It’s hard to say what the future holds but one thing I know for a fact is I’m hearing more and more recruits talk about how they want to be Hurricanes. It’s that kind of heart and passion that if paired with the right system creates what this program was built on and hopefully will allow us to say something the entire country fears and that is “The U Is Back.”

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