Prenece Milledge brings speed to the defensive side of the ball

By: David Franklin

Prenece Milledge of Lehigh HS lines up at the OLB spot and once the ball is snapped it doesn’t take him long to get to where he needs to be. You don’t have to watch a lot of his film to see him use his 4.5 40 speed to his advantage. Whether it’s locking up a receiver or chasing down a play from behind he has no problem getting into position as needed.

As a matter of fact he may use that speed to get to the next level even if it’s in another sport. Milledge who told me he’s been doubling up in football and track for a few year now recently competed at a track meet held at UF and he and his teammates brought home second place in the 4×100. He also competes in the 100m where he boasts a time of 11.39.

Listing himself as a competitive but patient player he has the ability to read the offense and knows what he needs to do often times before the ball is snapped. Milledge took a trip to Miami last week and had some interaction with the coaches and also lists UCF and UF as teams he’d like to hear from. With plans to major in business or maybe go into teaching he’s putting in work in the classroom to help reach those goals.

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