All Eyes On Jeff Thomas

By Jeremy Wilkerson

Outside of Miami’s big questions surrounding who will be our starting quarterback for the 2019 season, there’s another big question on how Miami can feature one college football’s most electrifying players when giving the chance to have the ball in his hands. As we all know Jeff Thomas is that guy. Coming out of East St. Louis everyone in the country knew that if you were able to land this kid, that a game could be determined by just a few plays made by him. In his first 2 seasons with Miami we have seen flashes of greatness out of him when giving the opportunity.

I believe I can speak for most of Miami’s fan base that only if we had a quarterback and an offensive system that could give him the ball more, we definitely could have seen better results in the win loss column and definitely in the offensive statistics. I can recall being in the stands at some of the games and fans are straight begging for some type of reverse, screen, and he’ll even sending him in motion and getting it in the backfield. I think the only reverse I ever saw was against Toledo last season.

By all means Jeff has made the best of what he could do when giving the chance, and it almost hurts to know that his talents have basically been limited because of how the offensive side of the ball has been under developed the past 2 seasons. And because of the struggles is probably what led to his frustrations and basically telling Richt’s staff that he would be leaving. Now we all know that there was the “He’s a quitter and let him go”, the “We don’t want anyone here that doesn’t want to be here”, or the “He doesn’t bleed orange and green anyways” fam base. But let’s take a step back out of our “being a fan” skin. Can you blame anyone that feels as if their time and talent being wasted and their dreams of making it is becoming slim to none? Being a talented and highly sought out prospect if it was me, I probably have felt and done what Jeff did. Whether it was the wrong or right way to go about it, it’s how he felt and his decision. But in a recent interview Diaz was in when asked about Jeff, Diaz stayed that after talking to him that he felt Jeff never wanted to leave because his heart was in Miami. And a quick side note on the return of Thomas, the Miami fan base need to thank N’Kosi for keeping close with him. Yes N’Kosi!! Yes he may have done some young bonehead things, but in my books his slate was wiped clean for this one.

So here we are in a new season, new offensive staff, new offensive system, and clean histories. Will Enos be able to unleash the untapped potential that Jeff contains? Hopefully with all of the different motions and different packages that we have been told Enos has brought in we will see it. I truly believe that we will get to see way more explosive plays and more ways Jeff touches the ball this year. If Miami can get consistent and productive on offense, we might see things out of Jeff that we have been wanting to see the past 2 years. So sit back and enjoy this kid this year because this may be our last year seeing him in a Canes uniform.

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