Not exactly Montana and Young, but Williams and Martell bring their game to Coach Enos West Coast Offense.

By David Udel.

Well, it’s one good week into spring ball and here are some thoughts on the QB room.

Picking an outright leader in the QB room is going to be tough.

Williams might have a slight lead, but there has been plenty of times Perry has been the best QB on the field.

Let’s start with what we do know. Coach Enos has installed a Pro-Style West Coast offense, but he likes play-action and his QB will play a lot from under center. It will look a lot like a West Coast passing offense, but with more under center looks to take advantage of both DeeJay Dallas and Cam’Ron Harris aggressive running styles along with Lingard’s big play ability.

First: Let’s look at Martell. He has had the most to learn out of the three because taking snaps from under center is not his game. Learning 3, 5, and 7 steps drops is kinda new for Martell. Coach Enos is also changing some of Martell’s throwing mechanics. To Martell’s credit, he has been doing as asked with his mechanics, and it will take a little time.

I, however, see Martell’s progress under a more traditional West Coast type offense as being right on schedule. I’m not alarmed with his passing in practice, especially while working on his throwing mechanics. Listen, I don’t ever see Martell as a great practice player, but I sure see him as a game day player. I just believe Martell is one of those guys that shows up big on Saturdays under game pressure.

Second: Perry’s big arm and deep ball accuracy has been very impressive and made Perry look like he should be the guy.

But coach Enos running a West Coast offense doesn’t really need a big arm, but an accurate arm on short and intermediate throws. That’s something Perry has had a little more difficult at. Also like Martell, Perry is much more of an RPO type guy and being under center will be an adjustment for him.

Now, we also can’t ignore last year. Perry did very little to show off-field leadership. He never got the “YOUR THE QB, LEADER OFF AND ON THE FIELD, 24/7 memo”.

I find it kind of hard for coach Diaz to totally trust Perry. Even if coach Enos came out and said, “Perry is our guy”, Diaz might be worried Perry would do some dumb off-field thing.

Personally, I believe Perry has learned a lot from his overall experience, and we see a whole new level of maturity from Perry. I’ll go on record as saying, if N’Kosi Perry is given a real chance to compete for the job, he will be hard to beat if he really commits to coach Diaz and Enos and gives up his off-field shenanigans. I’m not saying he should give up sex like Cam Newton, but at least keep it off the internet.

Third: Jarren Williams, the perfect fit for the coach Enos style of the West Coast offense. Williams also needs a little work at being under center again, but it’s something he was very familiar with before coming to Miami. Williams has all the 3,5, and 7 step drops of being under center down. Plus Williams is the most accurate short to intermediate passer by far. Though he does not have the arm strength of Perry, he throws a very pretty deep ball as well.

Williams seems to have come into camp as a man looking to take over this team. He seems to be totally focused, and ready to lead this team. Williams added 15 pounds and I’m telling you, it was a very good15 pounds. He looks fit, he looks like an NFL QB.

Ok, don’t laugh too hard, but Williams could very well be to coach Enos, what Joe Montana was to Bill Walsh in the West Coast offense. Now I’m not calling anyone Bill Walsh or Joe Montana, I’m just saying it could be that exact same kind of fit. Plus, does Tate Martell not remind you of a younger, Steve Young???

So one week in, I’m thinking Williams is the leader coming out if the gate, but it’s a long race to August 24th.

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