2021 Western HS DB Brian Blades II visit to Miami.

2021 Western High School defensive back Brian Blades II is obviously apart of the rich tradition of the Blades family on the football field, as Brian Blades II will be a name to watch as he is entering his junior season in high school. While his family is well-known in south Florida, Blades II is looking to walk his own path on the football field and build his pathway through the ranks.

Blades II visit to Miami “the visit was phenomenal and I had a great time meeting the coaches.” He received plenty of time with a Coach Rumph talking 1 on 1 and got to watch film with him. No plans for a commitment yet, but no telling right now. Currently he doesn’t have any plans visiting other schools, but could change after spring ball.

After wrapping up his second visit to the university, he said “I do plan on visiting UM again in the future.” While the staff has changed and it’s a new environment, he stills feels the same love and energy from the coaches. With this season quickly approaching, “I think that they will do very good this season.” He responded.

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