2021 Miami Northwestern ATH Kamren Kinchens visit to Miami.

2021 Miami Northwestern athlete Kamren Kinchens visited the University of Miami for the second time in just over a month, and once again he enjoyed hisself on the visit. Even tho his teammates that are committed, won’t make much of a difference in his recruitment. It is a nice position for the Hurricanes to be in tho, so the staff just has to continue recruiting Kinchens.

Kinchens didn’t announce a commitment, nor cancel one out in near future. “Yeah, it’s possible.” While that sounds promising for the hometown Hurricanes, Kinchens still wants to find a place that’ fits his style of play and somewhere he is comfortable.

The vibe around Miami? “TNM just feels like when you used to watch the old Miami videos and the intensity, and that dawg they had is basically what TNM is and how it feels.” The season coming up, he states “I think they will be a top 5 team this year, they have everything they need to compete for a Natty.”

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