2020 Tampa Chamberlain DE Johnny Walker visit to Miami

By: Eric Moore

Tampa Chamberlain linebacker visited the University of Miami this weekend and came a way impressed. His first time meeting the coaches, how was it? Finally meeting the coaches was just amazing & they were phenomenal to me that was my favorite part.” Defensive end has been a really impressive position under Coach Diaz, last 3 years have seen new coaches come in to coach defensive line. While the defensive line hasn’t missed a step, that trend does’t look like it’ll be slowing down soon; meanwhile, it’s still a position of need for Miami.

Walker spoke about a possible commitment, “a commitment is on my mind, but I want to take a little more time and I will announce one this summer.” While that doesn’t to be bad news for Miami, he also stated “As of right now Miami is #1.” Just a few more things he would like to get sorted out before making the announcement. Seemed to be pretty positive for the Hurricanes, as Walker is a priority at the position of need.

Another visit is definitely in the plans for Walker, and he understands the University of Miami had a down year last year. “They’re really inspiring with this new slogan” and it seems that the staff really put their best foot First here. He sees a promising future this season for the Hurricanes, and seems to have a lot of faith in the coaching staff, and the players.

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