Can a School Or Coach Just Take Away an Athletes Scholarship?

by David Udel

I get asked a lot or hear a lot about the schools or coach’s right to take away a students scholarship and how the Transfer Portal is affected by this.

Well, what exactly are scholarships? As of 2112, Power 5 schools can offer a 1-year, or a so-called 4-year scholarships.
The one-year renewable scholarship is by far the most common and preferred by over 60 percent of all schools.

Basically, the 1-year scholarship has to be renewed every year or it can be canceled at the end of every year depending on what the school decides to do.

Though it’s getting really hard for a school to just cancel a kids scholarship, with the 1-year contract, the school can simply bench the athlete and not renew their scholarships at the end of the school year.  No questions or explanations are necessary.

The 4-year scholarships are completely different. Though many schools say they simply can’t afford to offer guaranteed 4-year deals, the truth is, the good-ole-boy schools don’t like them.
So only the top-rated kids get that offer from most schools. And since the schools themselves are willing to, let’s say, agree on not wanting to offer 4 yr deals, they don’t get handed out like candy.

But even with a 4-year scholarship, it is still really easy for the school to take it away for several reasons.

  1. Fall below a 2.0 GPA.
  2. Committing a crime, or breaking school conduct rules.
  3. Breaking team rules or committing conduct detrimental to the team. Yep, that’s the one a coach will find a way to void the 4-year scholarship. Bottom line is, if a coach wants you gone, 4-year scholarship or not, he will find a way to have you dismissed.
  4. Entering your name in the Transfer Portal. If a student enters their name into the transfer portal the school can cut off their Financial-Aid package at the end of the semester, basically canceling their scholarship. So now that athletes no longer need a schools permission to transfer, the athletes better be sure if they enter their name in the portal.

With that said, the NCAA will not allow schools to cancel a scholarship for an athlete getting Injured, or not living up to staff expectations. But let’s be real, if a school or coach wants you gone, they will find a way.

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