Miami is set to host a number of visitors this weekend

By: David Franklin

It’s going to be a big weekend for Manny Diaz and the staff as they are scheduled to have several targets and commits for the 2020 class. There will also be some 2021 prospects on hand. On top of all that the third practice of the spring will be tomorrow, Friday 3/22. Not all names listed are confirmed but I’m working on that. I’ll try to update as that happens.


5* LB Antoine Sampah

4* LB Jaylen McCluster

4* DE Latari Kinsler (confirmed)

4* DL Kendrick Bingley – Jones

4* WR Bryan Robinson (commit / confirmed)

4* DE Samuel Anaele (commit)

4* WR Marc Britt

4* ATH DeAngelo Taylor

4* S Keshawn Washington (Confirmed)

3* QB Evan Prater

3* LB Jamari Stewart

3* OL RJ Adams (confirmed)

3* DE Johnny Walker (Confirmed)

3* LB Andy Garcia (Confirmed)

3* CB Justin Hodges

3* CB Kendall Dennis

3* OL Gerald Mincey (UK commit)

3* DE Claude Larkins

DB Darius Stokes (Confirmed)

OL Cayden Baker (Confirmed)

– 2021 Current Commits

WR Romello Brinson

4* DE Donell Harris

4* DE Chamon Metyar

4* OL Laurence Seymour

4* S James Williams

– 2021 Targets

WR Damien Alford

TE Khalil Brantley

TE Cane Berrong

DT James Gillespie

CB Tar’varish Dawson (Confirmed)

LB Terrance Lewis (UF Commit)

S Kamren Kinchens

RB Kelly Loiseau

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