BY David Udel.

We now know Tate Martell will be eligible for Miami and is taking snaps this spring. So how does this affect the Quarterback situation at Miami?

So this is what we know that’s super special about Martell. His TD passes to interception ratio. At Bishop-Gorman, Martell threw 132 touchdowns with only 9 interceptions. That’s crazy, I’ve never really heard of anything like it really. We know he won championships and never lost and all that, but what I can’t stop thinking about is,132 TDs to 9 pics???  The limited playing time he got at OSU was typical Martell football. 23 out of 28 with 1 Td and no turnovers. Plus he ran for a TD.

But Martell also causes a problem, Martell is nothing like N’Kosi Perry and especially Jarren Williams.

With just two days of practice, we’re already seeing that Perry has the biggest arm. There is no telling how good Perry can be if he decides to really buckle down and work with new coach Enos.

Now, this wouldn’t be a big deal if Martell was hands down the best QB at Miami, but he is not.

What we do know about coach Enos is, he has brought up every quarterbacks completion rate by at least 10 percentage points that he has ever worked with.

Jarren Williams is showing a whole lot. Starting off with a new sense of urgency, he just seems like he is showing signs of being a leader. As expected, Williams is throwing the nicest balls with the most accuracy. Williams has put on a little good weight and at 215 pounds looks really fit.

So here is where it gets complicated. Martell will run an up-tempo, lots of motion, or RPO formations. His ability to run the football is a huge part of his game, and coach Enos will have a certain kind of offense to take advantage of Martells skill set.

Williams, on the other hand, is a pocket passer and can run when needed, but working in the pocket is his game. Coach Enos will have to build an offense that fits Williams skill set as well.

Perry’s game is kinda in the middle of Martell and Williams style of play. I see Perry being more adaptable and being able to run any offense. Perry can run and seems to be a bigger arm than Martell or Williams.

Whoever wins the starting job will have a lot to say about what coach Enos wants to due. Does he want the guy that can run the RPO, and stretch defenses out? Or will Enos build a more traditional style system built around a pure pocket passer like Williams?  Or does coach Enos take Perry because he is more fit to run any offense? 

Well, it’s only day two, the answers to those and many more questions will be answered soon. But if I had to pick one, I’d like to see Jarren Williams succeed, only because I’m not a fan of RPO and running quarterbacks. I like the pure accurate passers that get the ball out quick to our playmakers.

Either way, I don’t envy coach Enos job over the next few weeks of spring ball. He has a lot of tough choices and hard decisions to make.

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