Keion Smith is looking to turn some heads in the upcoming season

One thing I knew for sure after talking with CB Keion Smith of St. Thomas Aquinas was that if confidence was going to be any factor in how far he can go then the sky truly is the limit. And I’m not talking about an overwhelming, arrogant kind of confidence, but more of a strong willed, nothing is going to hold me back kind that any coach would welcome on his team. Smith has his goals set and he’s going to almost dare someone to try and stop him.

Smith, who transferred to St. Thomas Aquinas due to the number of possibilities there not to mention the education has already started to accumulate a number of nice offers. He recently visited Boston College and got some great feedback there and also claims offers from FIU, Pittsburgh, Minnesota, Southern Miss, Syracuse, Missouri, and Buffalo. He’s not stopping there though and is looking to get the attention of The Big Three of Miami, Florida, and FSU and will visit Miami tomorrow. With Under Armour Camp, The Opening, and Rivals Camp under his belt not to mention his 7v7 play with South Florida Express he’s definitely taking the steps necessary to get his name on the radar.

Something you hear a lot is someone has “a nose for the ball.” While that would definitely apply here it’s really more than that, it’s something different. Keion has a way of finding the ball for sure, he makes some nice plays and is a sure tackler on defense and is obviously skilled at the CB position. But the thing that caught my eye was his ability to make something out of nothing, to find space that just wasn’t there. There were plays where I literally wondered why they were on his highlight film as they began because there was just nowhere to go. Kick returns where the coverage was more than solid and gave him nowhere to go but he somehow, someway turned it into something positive. One interception where once he had the ball it would have been fine to go down or run out of bounds but instead he made his way through traffic and found the end zone. Things like that can’t be coached or taught, they’re special traits that when paired with his 4.5 speed (that he says will soon be a 4.4) and physical play can’t help but draw some attention. I’ve already got plans to keep my eye on Keion Smith, partly because I’ve challenged him on getting that 4.4 but I want to see exactly how far this kid can go.

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