By David Udel

I’m hoping our 2019 offense can greatly improve this year. But as we all know everything is all new and we don’t have a clue what will happen. So let’s look at what we do know, and hope we know.

It all starts with Dan Enos and the Quarterback Room.

1. Dan has said two things that have interested me. First his willingness to play to his talent, while he implements his style of offense. Not force kids to fit into a specific scheme, but scheme plays to what the players do best.

Coach Enos also said he wants multiple packages including some pre-snap motion to force one on one situations. Something we have not had for a while. We know Enos likes a balanced offense. He will run the ball and establish a running game. But he will also spread the ball to his playmakers. So when coach Enos says he wants multiple packages with different looks, well I think that fits right into what they do best.

2. Can Enos work magic in our QB room??? One thing I saw about coach Enos, is that everywhere he has been, he has risen the quarterback’s completion percentage 10 points or higher the first year.   Imagine even Perry throwing for 60 percent instead of 50.8.

We still don’t know about Tate Martell yet, but my thoughts are the longer it takes, the better our chances he gets his waiver. 

What’s interesting though is the fact that Tate Martell’s game is nowhere near the same offense that Jarren Williams would run. While Perry’s game would be somewhat in the middle of their style of play.

With Martel, I see a whole lot of RPO type offense with Martell’s legs being a huge part of the offense. But with Williams your getting a pure passer who will work from the pocket. Sure William can move and run, but we all know you’re looking at two different guys. As much as Martell can disrupt a defense, I would love to see Williams win the job. I’d love to see how coach Enos could do with a kid like Williams.

3. No matter what happens, DeeJay Dallas has to be our rock on offense in 2019. Besides our Quarterback, Dallas needs to be a leader on and off the field. I’m also expecting some good things from our Carol City Dog Cam’Ron Davis.

4. The next thing will be two offensive linemen.

Corey Gaynor will need to lock down his position at center. Gaynor saw action in four games last year after seeing action in 10 games as a true freshman. We absolutely need Gaynor from my hometown of Pompano Beach to become our starting Center this season allowing other linemen to return to their natural positions. I also see Gaynor having a breakout year for the Hurricanes.

The second will be the transfer of Tommy Kennedy. There has been a lot made of Manny Diaz’ use of the transfer portal, but Kennedy may be the most important one. Because if Kennedy can’t come in and hold down the left tackle position, who will? George Brown or Kai-Leon Herbert would have to step up or we would have to start moving guys around again like last year. We all saw how that worked out.

5. We need a monster year from Brevin Jordan and Will Mallory. Coach Enos with new TE coach Stephen Field will have to find ways of getting these two into the game. Both create great mismatches because of their skill sets. While Jordan can run great routes and is dangerous after he catches the ball, both have great hands and Mallory gets a good separation and is a high energy guy.

Finally, we need to get our receivers the ball in space. I don’t care who it is, there is so much talent in our WR room it doesn’t matter who gets the dam ball. I would like to see Pope have a breakout year, but Hightower and Wiggins are both beasts with their very separate, but good skill sets. Not to mention we have the best WR in the State with Jeff Thomas. Plus with Mike Harley at the slot, no one should be able to stop our WR’s.  Honestly, if coach Enos can get any of our WR’s the ball in space with any type of consistency,  our offense won’t only be fine, it will dominate.

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