A case Against/For Felipe Franks

Article written for FLUST- by The Florida Fan

It seems that there is a lot of parody when it comes to QBs at power house schools. Almost like a Sunday strip. Some are funny to read, some are crazy to read.. And some are just extremely egregious. One fine example is our current QB1 – Mr. Felipe Franks.

Every time we turn around someone is cooing and gurgling on why Franks isn’t good enough. Or.. Someone is on the polar opposite;like the karate kid, fighting for his honor. Trying to be the hero he’s been dreaming of. LOL.. I’ve obviously digressed.. The point is, there are at least 3 sides to this QB conflict. Whether it’s a stigma attached to Mac, or you just simply don’t like his amish style goatee. Both are understandable (in my opinion). But opinions are varying, and all of Florida (and rival fans) have an opinion of him.


Starting with reasons not to like Felipe Franks. In layman’s terms… He sucked the entire 2017 season, to cap it off with the most horrific showing against a crap shoot FSU team.. Insert the QB whisperer, and his dog Bella, then you have a recipe for – “F*%k Felipe!” . Moving on to 2018, after CDM was hired along with Savage.. You have a Felipe that does a – Jump pass to Casey esque play to start off the season. The feelings are high and awesome.. Only to lose to Kensucky.. And UGA… And Mizzou.. Mizzou being the worst loss out of the 3. 1, because it was late in the season. 2, because most felt he should’ve progressed further by that time in the season. 3, its Mizzou… A lot of fans were calling for the switch to Trask.. Saying things like, “give the task to Trask!” (wink to my boy Ellington). To put it in full perspective- Franks was 9 for 22 with 84 yards and 0 tds, followed by a Trask (who barely played all season) 10 for 18 for 126 yards and 1 td. Giving Florida an L, with the score of 38-17.. Red faced, orange and blue fans, was produced by the thousands that day. Twitter football justice warriors.. But what happened following the Mizzou game, was considered by many (including myself) nothing short of a complete 180.

Felipe is undefeated as a starter since Mizzou. Why? Did the fans that hated on Felipe give him just enough FU to push himself? Or did CDM’s coaching finally click? I speculate, it was a combination- with good justification with the famous “shhhh” to the fans. One of my favorite moments of Mr.Franks.

Franks shushed a crowd who had all but given up on him.. He orchestrated 2 comebacks in the game against one of our infamous Head Coaches, Will Muschamp. Sweet all the way around, if you ask me. But the best part wasn’t just getting the last laugh against South Cackalacky. http://www.word-detective.com/2010/09/cakalacky/ . It was the 4-0 run against 1 of our biggest rivals, and an MVP over a heated recent rivalry. But is Franks a serious Heisman contender?? Nope… Hell no.. Not yet, anyways.

He has issues scanning the field, in live situations. He has issues seeing wide open receivers. He has issues. But to that note.. He doesn’t have the same 2017 issues.. He doesn’t have Francios – Frenchy issues. He doesn’t have “I don’t know how those substances got in my system” issues. He is a good kid. He is a good football player. He is a Florida Gator. And just based off of that.. He deserves every right to compete without the BS from the cronies cooing and gurgling every chance they get. (see the fire Mike White posts). He deserves the same respect, that Emory gets- if not more.

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