2020 (Florida Gators) Junior Day

By: Eric Moore

The University of Florida held their second junior day of the year today, and it was very succesful; furthermore, the event brought in over a 100 prospects easily. The University of Florida has fared well over the past two years under Coach Mullens on the trail, and it doesn’t seem like that will slow down yet. The vibe around the recruits were all smiles and happiness, as kids where speaking on how the can feel the change around the football team. The current commits all have told me they are locked in currently to the Gators and thats after a few have even went on unofficial visits already.

The 2020 class seemed to have built a strong bond together, and are recruiting some to join their class. Coach Mullen hosted a large amount of Florida talent, but there were quite a few out of state prospects that got down for a visit. I will post individual interviews with kids i have spoken with over the next couple days. As of now, no kids have announced a commitment to the coaching staff, but that doesn’t mean they won’t receive one over the next couple days. While speaking with some of the parents, they wanted to get home and square things away. I still would consider the event a very positive event for the staff, as most kids want to get out and visit more schools.

Even tho it was a junior day event, the University of Florida hosted kids from 2021, 2022, and 2023 and even extending a few offers out to a few freshman and sophomores. This event was more for a relationship builder for kids and the staff, and for some kids to finally get down and meet the staff. A younger kid may end up committing after receiving an offer, while it’s not rare that a young kid would like to save his spot in this class fairly earlier. The staff plans on holding another junior day event, and a couple of camps coming up in the near future.

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