2020 Athlete Keonte Jenkins is looking to have a breakout season

By: David Franklin

Not all positions require size. Not all positions require speed. But when you come across a kid that has both and is able to utilize those traits in more than one way, well you may have found something special. That’s what I discovered when I spoke with class of 2020 WR / Safety Keonte Jenkins from Ribault HS in Jacksonville. At 6’3″ and 185 pounds with 4.5 40 speed plus another year to grow into that frame I was thinking of scenarios of him lining up at WR and just dominating opposing DBs. Then he told me he actually prefers the Safety position. And although he is billing himself as a player that can do either that really got my mind to thinking. I’m not in the business of making comparisons but the thought of a big, physical, athletic Safety roaming the field is something I like the sound of.

As I mentioned earlier, Jenkins has the size and speed programs like but if you look closer you’ll start to see what can set him apart if he continues to work on his craft. When asked to describe his game he pointed out the fact that he is an active player that has the ability to adjust to his opponent with a high football IQ, he is not one dimensional. He can play in the box against the run or drop back into coverage if needed. With his long arms and physical play he can be a problem for opposing offenses regardless of their game plan.

Up to this point Keonta hasn’t really played the camp circuit and although he prefers to workout on his own most of the time he said he may start attending camps later in the spring and summer. With several offers already on the table including FIU, Southern Miss, and Cincinnati to name a few I could see that list start to grow once his name really starts to get out there. From what I see when I look at Keonta Jenkins is the talent is there, the skills are there, and there are some other qualities present that you just can’t teach. If he’s willing to put the work in to go with all of that I’m not sure how high the ceiling goes.

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