If you’ve been searching for potential you haven’t seen Miami Central QB Katravis Marsh

By: David Franklin

When you watch tape on Miami Central QB Katravis Marsh a few things jump out at you. The first thing I couldn’t help but notice was his arm strength. I mean whether he’s having to move around in the pocket or has time to set and throw, his motion just seems effortless…..smooth. He has the ability to get the ball downfield or step into his throw and deliver a strike across the middle. Something else that caught my eye was the way he is able to hit a receiver in the back of the end zone or on the sidelines or lead his receivers with the ball and hit them in stride. It just seems that no matter what the situation is he has the answer. Oh and speaking of moving around in the pocket, go ahead and pressure him and let me know how that works out for you.

When we started talking about his game and what has led up to where he is now it got pretty interesting and that’s when I started to realize his greatest quality isn’t on a stat sheet. Forget about the fact that he’s already 6’5″ and 185 pounds as a high school junior so he’s still growing into his frame. Never mind the fact that he’s a three sport athlete who also plays basketball and competes in the long jump on the track team so the athletic ability is not in question. What amazed me was the fact that football hasn’t always been his number one sport. He decided to take that route coming out of middle school and credits his mom for seeing his potential. And it’s that same potential that I was referring to earlier as his greatest quality. He admits he didn’t always have the proper mechanics growing up but now that those are catching up to his abilities and athleticism I think we are starting to see something special. And this is something that’s not just happening on it’s own. He’s putting in the work to keep improving and that includes the film room.

Katravis has started to have some nice offers come his way including UCF, Southern Miss, and Tulane but he’s not ready to settle just yet. Although he says he doesn’t have a dream school he knows he plans on graduating and enrolling early wherever he chooses to go and wants to get a jump on learning the system. He’ll take a step towards finding where he wants to go this weekend as he attends Junior Day at UF. As he continues to take more visits and get his name out there and his film into the right hands I honestly don’t know how his offer sheet doesn’t grow to the point that he’ll have a very difficult decision to make when it comes to picking just one.

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