2020 Florida High School Football

By: Eric Moore

Here at FLUST we look to try and cover the entire state of Florida High School football mainly, but we also cover college football for the state as well. We use 247 rankings for most of our information put out, yet we don’t base our own knowledge off of it. Instead, we turn on highlight tapes and watch for ourselves, and see how a young athlete performs on the field and watch kids camp.

The state of Florida breeds some of the best athletes across the country, and it translates over to the next levels very well; furthermore, the state of Florida leads the country in NFL players with 204 on a current roster. Florida isn’t the largest state by population, as Florida sits 3rd behind Texas and California. Also, Florida isn’t even a top 25 state by the size (per. Sq Mile), yet still continues to produce the most athletes every year that continue on to succeed on the football field.

The debate every year of which state is the best, and numbers will never lie. No knock to any other state in the country, but nothing will change until another state beats out Florida with NFL talent. IMG players are still attached to their home states, as far as numbers on where kids are from. Florida, Georgia, Texas, and Cali has a rich tradition for youth football and high school football, and there is no doubt those 4 states will always be in this topic of discussion.

You can’t base your information off of rankings, because once a kid reaches college those rankings and stars are gone, and some kids that are ranked high sometimes struggle to make that transition to the next level. You have kids that aren’t ranked or ranked lower that will succeed, because of the lack of development possibly or due to a kid finally given a spot light to shine. So many kids come out of Florida every year, that sometimes an athlete won’t get to play full time until the kid in front of him graduates. So instead here at FLUST we give our own opinion and value of a kids talent, based on what we see and feel from evaluating the player ourselves.

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