2019 Breakdown Of The Miami Hurricanes Running Backs

By David Udel

The Hurricanes didn’t add a Running back to this year’s class, though it wasn’t from lack of trying. But as our season fell apart, so did our recruiting class.

There was tons of talk coming out of the Hurricanes locker room as well, as it seemed it was a divided locker room.

So this means we all know pretty much who will be the starting backs this year, except for Lorenzo Lingard. A lot depends on how his rehabilitation is going from his knee injury that derailed his rookie year.

I would like to mention one thing. While other kids were talking about what was going on in the locker room, DeeJay Dallas wanted nothing to do with it. Dallas stayed focussed and did whatever he could to support CMR and the Hurricanes.  I for one, salute DeeJay for his professionalism.

So let’s start this breakdown with the Full Backs.


FB. 5’11” 24O RS-Sophomore.

Parrott saw action in four games, largely on special teams and serving on the practice squad.  

We see Parrott and George going into spring ball pretty even and it will be interesting to see who outcompetes the other to become a starting FB.

Plus a lot of this will be determined by the type of offense coach Enos will run.  Also, the addition of TE Larry Hodges will have something to do with who sees the most playing time. Hodges, 6’1″ 235, can play any position including H Back where his great athleticism and ball skills, might keep both Parrott and George off the field more than expected.


FB.  6’2″ 245  RS-Freshman. 

George saw action in two games in his freshman season. George came to Miami ranked as the nations number 2 ranked FB in the 2018 class.  However, that did not translate into much playing time for the big fella. The Canes went with senior Trayone Grey as their starting Fullback last year. Michael Parrott even got more playing time than George making Canes fans wonder if George was as good a player as they thought?  So I will keep a close eye on this battle to see who gets the starting nod.


RB.  6’0″  202. Sophomore.

Lingard played in six games before suffering a leg injury that derailed his rookie season.  Lingard rushed 17 times for 136 yards with two touchdowns and a long rush of 64 yards while averaging just under 8 yards per carrying.

Lingard started off a little slow making his transition from high school to college. But you could see everything was beginning to click for the former 5* recruit, and It was just gonna be a matter of time before he reached his potential. It seemed as soon as he started to break through into the rotation, he suffered a season-ending Knee injury.

So the question for this year is simple, how’s his injury doing? It seems to be on schedule, but one never knows. There is no doubt that Lingard has the biggest big-play potential than any of the other Canes Running Backs. We will know a lot more on Lingard’s rehabilitation after spring ball.


RB.  5’10”.  220  junior.

Dallas delivered a standout sophomore season, compiling a team-best 1,260 all-purpose yards.  Dallas played in all 13 games while ranking second with 617 rushing yards on 109 carries. Dallas also tied for the team lead with six rushing touchdowns. Dallas had a long rush of 83 yards, marking sixth-longest rush from scrimmage in program history.  Dallas also caught 10 passes totaling 85 yards. On special teams, he averaged 17.2 yards on nine punt returns with one punt return touchdown.

Deejay will take over Homers starting job this year as Miami’s premiere back with Cam’Ron Davis as his back up.

Make no mistake, Dallas is a team leader and fan favorite. I can’t wait to see the job coach Enos does with DeeJay.  I never felt he was used correctly under the old staff. They seemed to rely on his great potential and skill to help the team out any way he could. But I for one would love to see Dallas 7 yards deep in the backfield instead of running the RPO. With his great vision and physical prowess, he could punish teams running the ball from a more traditional 7-yard deep formation.


RB.  5’11”  209  Sophomore.

Martin only rushed for 57 yards on 13 carries in 2018 at Auburn.

So as a transfer, Martin will have to sit out the 2019 season. So there is really little to get excited about at this time. Yes, Martin is a great back, but one we won’t see until next year.


RB.  5’11  225  RS-Sophomore.

Burns saw action in eight games in 2018. Burns has great talent, but Injuries have just detailed his college career to this point. However, when healthy, Burns is a force to be recorded with. I’m really looking forward to Burns having a break out year of sorts and showing everyone what a healthy Robert Burns can do.


RB.  5’10  190  Sophomore.

Davis saw action in seven games and enjoyed a standout second half of the season for his hometown team. Davis rushed for 166 yards on 28 carries, averaging 5.9 yards per carrying while scoring two rushing touchdowns. Davis also had three receptions for 25 yards with one receiving touchdown.

I just love Cam’Ron Davis. Davis is all Canes, all day, every day. Plus Davis is a Carol City DOG. All those Carol City kids are just beast with a different mentality when it comes to football. I’ll take a 3* Carol City kid over a 5* IMG kid any day of the week.

So I see Cam’Ron having a break out season under coach Enos. I honestly see Davis being used all over the field especially in the passing game coming out of the backfield.

So there is your 2019 breakdown of our back. As you can see, we’re little thin again this year, so let’s hope everyone stays healthy.

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