2021 DB Robert Simmons plays the position the way it’s meant to be played

We all have things we like to see on the football field. One of my favorites is a DB, especially a CB that plays fast with a chip on their shoulder. After I watched film on Robert E. Lee’s Robert Simmons and after he told me “I’m a straight out dawg. I talk the talk and can back it up” I did two things, I smiled and then I watched more film. He’s not kidding. This dude loves to play the game and it shows, it pours out of him and you can see it. I mentioned to him that I was impressed with his ability to attack and tackle in open space and he agreed but described it a little different. “I love pressing people and hitting. I like playing on the opponents sideline so I can talk my noise.” Simmons has the speed to press and recover if needed as he boasts a 4.5 in the 40 which comes in handy as he also participates in the 100 and 200 on the track team.

At this point the 5’9″ 170 pound Simmons holds offers from Oregon and Tennessee and would like to here from USC down the road. Another team on his list of hopefuls is Miami. He was on campus for Junior Day and said he talks to Coach DeMarcus Van Dyke often. Van Dyke was recently promoted to Assistant Director of Recruiting for The Hurricanes. FIU and Illinois also come calling often and he has made trips to Florida and South Carolina. You can literally feel the offers getting ready to start adding up.

So with all of that you’re probably wondering what is there for him to work on? Well we talked about that too and he lists his patience and ball skills as areas to improve on because he tends to go for the big hit and also needs to improve his work in the film room. I stressed the importance of that and he knows it’s an area that has to be solid to really be successful. With his off season work and camp resume I’m pretty confident he’ll continue to get better in every area. Robert has already attended several camps and will attend The Rivals Three Stripe Camp this weekend. After talking with Simmons and seeing his film I’ve got a name or two in mind that he reminds me of but I’m going to hold onto those for now, after all he’s got to have something else to work for.

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