Jonathan Odom has the versatility at TE that programs are looking for

By: David Franklin

It’s my opinion that the TE position is sometimes one of the most underrated and misused positions on the field. To be fair, as a die hard Miami Hurricanes fan I’ve had the privelage to watch some of the greatest to ever play at that spot so my opinion on the matter may be a little stronger than some. One thing is for sure, the position and the way it’s played, the way it looks is starting to change across the board. It’s no longer just an extra blocker on the field who may occasionally catch a ball here and there. Programs are starting recognize the opportunity to work another athletic, reliable option into the offense. Jesuit class of 2020 TE Jonathan Odom is quickly being labeled as a recruit who can do just that and his list of offers shows that. Besides his recent offer from Alabama he also shows offers from Miami, Florida, FSU, Auburn, Michigan, and Penn State and that’s not even half of them.

When I started looking at Odom for a potential interview I have to admit one of the first things that caught my eye was his Twitter handle of @shockey_80. As a fan of The U there’s no way I wasn’t going to ask about that. He told me it was a nickname given to him in the sixth grade and it’s stuck ever since. Odom who not only has the size at 6’6″ 240 pounds but he also has the ability to line up on the outside and really become a mismatch for a DB. Pair that with his off-season weight training workouts and his desire to improve on his speed and overall game and this could get interesting.

There isn’t a top list as of now and he says several teams are really staying after him but he hopes to name a top ten by the start of spring practice and then narrow it to five from there. He’s looking for a situation that really fits his skill set and I have a feeling he’ll have a pretty big list of teams willing to do just that. Jonathan will attend the Three Stripe Camp this weekend as he continues to improve his craft. Best of luck but I’m going to cast my vote for The Hurricanes and I’ll do that by adding the below picture that he shared with me.

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