4* DE Latarie Kinsler Jr. seems to have what programs are looking for

By: David Franklin

More and more these days you see teams looking for speed and athleticism from the DE position. That combination seems to come in a particular type of frame. All of the above can be found in Latarie Kinsler Jr. out of Pahokee HS. At 6’3” and pushing 200 lbs. Kinsler, who says he can line up in a variety of defenses and play DE or OLB, seems to have the build and playing style teams are looking for. Put all of that together with his plans to increase his size and strength over the next year and you’ve got what seems to be a perfect fit for somebody.

The list of offers Kinsler has received to this point are too many to mention and although he doesn’t have a top list or a current leader the former Louisville commit did tell me that Texas A&M, Virginia, and Oregon are probably showing him the most attention right now and he is also hearing from Miami quiet a bit. He listed Texas and UCLA as schools he wouldn’t mind hearing from as well. I did tell him I thought he’d look good wearing the U on the side of his helmet but that’s just my opinion.

With plans to become more of a vocal leader on the field and begin to turn all of his attention towards football I’m excited to see what the upcoming season has in store. According to him track and basketball will have to step aside and I think that’s a great decision. I got the impression from Latarie that he’s the type of player that can fit into a number of different scenarios at the next level and he has the willingness to do the work needed to succeed once he’s there.

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