Will USF and UCF make the state a power 5 state?

The State of Florida is a college football powerhouse. The three major universities all have great histories. But with UCF and USF trying to make it 5 major schools in the state. The University of Florida, University of Miami and Florida State University have all won multiple national championships. In 2017 the UCF Knights declared themselves national championships but that year the title went to the Alabama Crimson Tide. Here is what I think UCF and USF need to do to make the state have 5 power universities.

  1. Get into a power conference
    Both the Bulls and Knights are currently in the American Athletic Conference. That is not a power conference. The decision committee that determines who gets in the college football playoff and who doesn’t will pick a school from a non-power conference. Until they move into the SEC or ACC or another power conference, they will not be eligible for the national championship. The Bulls and Knights have made clear that they will schedule non-conference power schools. Both teams have beat those teams. Until they can make an impact to be obtained by a power conference it will long be treading uphill to play for a National Championship.
  2. Win against the power conference teams

Like I said above both teams have beat power schools. This year the Bulls have the Wisconsin Badgers as their opener. This game will be at home and as a Bulls fan, let’s hope there is more, green and gold than red and white. The Knights also have a powerful foe in the Stanford Cardinals on their schedule. The Knights went back and forth with the Florida Gators and there was no deal made. Speaking of the Florida Gators they will be in Tampa next year to face the Bulls. That will start a three-year deal. UCF has beaten its teams. Its now USF turn to do the same and in hopes that both could be a team duo that a major conference once to bring in.

The state of Florida will always be spilled in three ways. The Gators, Seminoles, and Hurricanes will always rein dominate. It hard for the Bulls and Knight to recruit in the state. The major reason is hard to tell a player come to my university when your team hasn’t played for a national championship. I could see a time in the future when there are 5 good teams in the state of Florida.

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