Kamonte Grimes already has the talent, size, and vision plus time to improve on all three.

By: David Franklin

Ask any coach at a D1 school or any other level what they’re looking for in a high school recruit and a few words are guaranteed to come up. Size, speed, intelligence, and versatility would definitely be in the conversation. Ask those same coaches to list some specifics and they might say something like 6’2 185 pounds, able to run a 4.6 40, a 3.6 GPA, and the ability to play WR, Safety, QB, and KR. Well if so I can give them a name. That name would be Kamonte Grimes of Palmetto Ridge High School in Naples, Florida. Oh by the way, did I mention he’s only a sophomore so you’ll have to wait a couple of years while he improves on his already impressive skill set?

Grimes, who already holds offers from Ohio State, Virginia, North Carolina, Arkansas, Temple, Utah, and Southern Miss. has every intention on adding to that list and he has the plans on how to do it. While he’s already beginning to make improvements on his route running he also intends to work on his take off from the line as well as his cutting ability. Once those things catch up to his nack at reading defenses and his sure handed catching, not to mention the attributes I mentioned earlier, that list of offers is going to take up a lot more paper. With the Under Armour Camp, The Opening, and Rivals Camp all soon to be under his belt he’ll not only have the improvement and development he’s looking for but the exposure as well.

I asked him if he had any goals and he gave me a list….a long list which includes not only personal goals but goals for his team as well. I won’t name them all but I told him I’d be watching and may call him on some of those. He kinda laughed and I think he’s gonna show me up. He did tell me that he’s not really looking at any particular school but just wants to see who’s willing to give him a chance. My thoughts? Anybody who doesn’t give this kid a serious look needs to contact me. I’d like to interview you and find out what your next profession will be because you’re definitely in the wrong one now.

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