Hallandale QB Bryan McCoy is a name you may want to get to know.

By: David Franklin

I have to admit that before this past weekend Bryan McCoy was not a name I was very familiar with. After watching his film and talking with him for some time it’s definitely a name I’m going to be keeping up with. My initial reaction after reviewing his film was the typical feeling you sometimes get after watching a young, gifted QB. He’s talented, moves well in the pocket, throws an accurate ball on the run, and puts the ball in a good spot for his receivers, and although he’s very capable of using his legs to escape pressure if needed he looks to make the throw first. Sounds pretty good so far huh? I sent his film to fellow FLUST staff member Jeremy Wilkerson as I’ve done before and asked his opinion. His response was almost exactly the same as mine and he also added how McCoy doesn’t get rattled to easy and is able to decide when to tuck the ball and go without hesitation. Sounds pretty good but nothing out of the ordinary so far right?

What I found out next was what really caught my attention. McCoy, who will be entering his Junior season will also be entering only his second season of organized football…….I’m still trying to wrap my mind around that. So now knowing that piece of information I had no choice but to go back to the film. After watching it again knowing that but of information I found myself even more impressed than I was the first time around. That’s another opinion that Jeremy Wilkerson and I share. Is there plenty to work on? Yes. Is there lots to improve on? Of course, but after finding out he has already attended the Opening in Miami and The Elite 11 camp with plans to also attend Rivals camp not to mention participating with the Florida Fire 7v7 team I feel pretty confident he’s in good hands and his game is going to get the development it needs.

I could tell from talking to Bryan that he has a good idea of what he wants to do and where he wants to go. At 5’11” and 170 pounds with still a couple of years to grow it’s going to be fun to watch him develop his game and improve his craft. His 4.7 40 time that he clocked earlier will also continue to improve and with that will come more attention. McCoy hasn’t received any offers yet but has started to have some contact from schools. He lists Toledo, UCF, FIU, Nebraska, and NC State as programs that he’s interested in early on. The fact that he not only plays QB, which is his position of preference, he also handles punting and kicking duties and admitted to me that he’d make a pretty nice WR if he put the work into it. My opinion is that he’s already shown when he’s determined to accomplish something and with the right people around him there’s nothing out of his reach. Remember two things after reading this, the name Bryan McCoy and the fact that you heard it here.

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