Quentin Williams Feelings About His Offer From The U

By Jeremy Wilkerson

Quentin Williams Mallard Creek

When I first got word of Quentin Williams receiving an offer from The U, I felt like a proud big brother for a moment. Reason being is that Miami has so much history and tradition getting most of their players out of south Florida that they wouldn’t even notice football talent as far up in North Carolina. So I figured I would reach out and see if Quentin would give us a few minutes of his time. And luckily he had a few minutes for us.

So when I asked Quentin how did it feel receiving an offer from Miami? Quentin replied, ” I couldn’t really believe it to be honest, I thought it was a dream.” Probably one of the reasons why it may have been overwhelming to him is because his dad is a huge Miami fan. Quentin said that he was raised watching Miami. Quentin then went also to say that he personally is a huge fan of the late great Sean Taylor, Ray Lewis, and Ed Reed.

We then moved on to talk more in depth on why Miami is intriguing to him, and he stated, “I am intrigued on what it’s like to play in that fast, aggressive, and physical defensive system.” Knowing that Quentin plays with his hand in the dirt and plays the outside linebacker position, I asked what would be his preference in college? Quentin then stated, “I prefer standing up, but when I get to college I’ll play wherever I am needed.” Hearing that from a recruit is music to my ears. It’s not to often you have upcoming talent wanting to be versatile and open to doing different things, so I am pretty sure the coaching staffs/programs that have been in contact with Quentin have been pleased to hear that. Quentin did say that he’s been in contact with Coach Simpson and that he is planning to be down on campus in April.

Quentin is currently playing at one of the top high school programs in the state of North Carolina. So knowing what I know, this kid will never shy away from competition wherever he decides to go. The 6’3 230lb DE/OLB stated that right now Virginia Tech, UNC, ECU, and Lousiville are all pushing hard for him. Quentin didn’t indicate who’s his top team, so we will continue to follow Quentin over his senior season and see where the chips fall.

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