Jaelan Phillips transfers to Miami.

By: Eric Moore

Manny Diaz strikes the portal again, as he has continued this off-season. This time former #1 overall player out of high school Jaelan Phillips commits to Miami. The LB hasn’t played many snaps since coming out of high school, because once he arrived to UCLA he had a neck injury that sidelined him. Phillips thought his playing career was over, but he seen an outside doctor a year from rehab and was cleared to play again.

With the lack of depth in the locker room, and the need of transforming the attitude in the locker room. Coach Diaz has continued to add from transfers, and he has continued to bring in former top notch recruits. These players haven’t proven to be much in college yet, and Coach Diaz is hoping that the new culture can bring that level out of these players again.

Phillips will need to sit out a year after transferring, but he should benefit from the year. Since he hasn’t had the opportunity of working out and being on the field in a year, but he will be able to use the weight room and any other facility on campus. He just won’t be allowed in team workout or meetings, yet he will have the playbook and can have meetings in the other places not in the facility.

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