Gaethan Bernadel film review

By: David Franklin / Jeremy Wilkerson

Sometimes you do an interview and just get the feeling that there might be something really special about the person you’re talking to. I got that feeling when talking to Gaethan Bernadel. So much so that I decided to do a write up on the 2021 LB although he had already been interviewed by fellow staff member Eric Moore. That interview by the way can also be found here on the blog. I wanted this one to be a little different than any I’ve done before so I reached out to another fellow staff member Jeremy Wilkerson and asked him to review some film and give me his opinion.

Something that got my attention when talking with Gaethan was the fact that although he’s young, he is already being looked at as a leader on the field. The further our talk went the more I understood why. Despite being listed as an OLB by some websites he says his home is on the inside. He is only asked to move to the outside in times of need or in special situations and just as I imagined, he is able to do that when called upon and does it well.

So let’s get to the good stuff….the film, the highlights. A couple of things I noticed is that he really seems to have a nose for the football and once he locks onto a target he has incredible closing speed. He also has really good tackling ability which as basic as that sounds seems to be something not seen as often as you would think. According to Gaethan something he really wants to improve on is his patience and anticipation. Says he needs to allow time to make a solid tackle instead of making the shoestring type of tackles you may see when watching him play. A few observations made by Jeremy Wilkerson included the way Bernadel is able to dissect plays at an alarming rate, the way his instincts allow him to attack the play, and how he uses his speed and athleticism to shed blockers and get out of their grasp as needed. We would both like to see a little more of his coverage skills but I’ve been assured that isn’t a problem.

With two years to perfect his craft and already possessing good size and a desire to put in the work to improve I’m truly excited to follow his career and recruitment over the next couple of years. He’s already had several offers including Virginia, Kentucky, South Carolina, Pittsburgh, and Minnesota and I promise you that list is going to start to grow very soon. He will visit Miami next weekend. And as Jeremy Wilkerson said after watching for himself “If you’re a big time program and you haven’t started an evaluation of this kid then shame on you.” If you haven’t seen him in action I’d advise you to click on the link below for a small sample.

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