2020 speedster Caziah Holmes is fast…..how fast?

David Franklin FL.U.ST News and Recruiting

Before I decided to interview Caziah Holmes I already knew the class of 2020 speedster was fast but I wanted to know how fast, so I started checking around. I kept coming across a term, a term that caught my attention. That term was “Cocoa fast.” Although it sounds pretty self explanatory I wanted to know more so I mentioned to him what I had heard and without hesitation he replied “yea, yea, Cocoa fast.” I asked how fast was Cocoa fast and he said simply “real fast.” Still not convinced I asked if he had a 40 time. That’s when he told me he has been clocked at 4.35 but will run it again this weekend at the Opening. Understand that this is a kid with another year of high school to go and is already hitting speeds that you just don’t see very often.

So now I’m thinking ok all that speed is nice but what else you got? So I ask about last season and falling short of a state title and what’s gonna be different this season? “Lots of film study, extra work in the off season and the summer, and coming together as a team.” He also says that while he’s very elusive he could do a better job at being patient and reading what’s there and knowing when to turn on the gas and go. It seemed obvious to me that he’s taking on a leadership attitude and knows that to win a state title it’s goimg to take even more work and he’s going to lead that charge.

With plenty of offers from major schools and some that stand out he lists Miami, FSU, Ohio State, and West Virginia as the ones recruitimg him the hardest but isn’t ready to drop a top list just yet. With good size at 6’0” and 185 pounds he is listed as an Athlete and also sees time on PR and KR but wants to play RB at the next level. With his speed and determination I’d say getting him on the field anywhere will be a priority wherever he ends up.

This was one of those interviews that I came away from being more intrigued than I was before I started. I’m anxious to see just how far he can go. Caziah Holmes is definitely somebody to keep an eye on but that whole “Cocoa fast” thing won’t make it easy.

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